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We at CNC Gold Refining Inc. understand that you have several choices when  looking for refiners, and we welcome the opportunity to compete for your business. Our goal is to earn your confidence by providing quick, reliable results, and settlements tailored to your needs with personal service.

At CNC Gold Refining Inc. We Give You a Choice...
The Fastest Process:

5 to 10 minutes for small readily melt-able materials delivered by customers or their representatives.  Mixed scrap (bench filings, grindings) and particularly large melt-able lots may take longer time.  Upon your arrival with your scrap we will examine, sort and weigh it.  We then melt it into a bar, weigh and accurately assay it.  Should you want to witness the melt you are welcome to do so.  If your original material is already in a bar form, we generally do not damage, destroy or melt it.  If determined the bar is not homogeneous, it will be melted.

After determining the karat of the bar we will offer to return you the value of the metals in your bar in one or more of the following forms:

1) Gold bars, gold grains, or equivalent value in platinum alloy
2) A cheque
3) Other payment arrangements should your needs are different

Once the karat of the bar is determined and you are not 100% satisfied, the bar will be immediately returned to you.  Your only liability at that point is the cost of the assay and melting.  Alternatively, if you are not satisfied with the assay, you may elect to choose sending representative sample to a qualified independent laboratory. If so determined, we will then drill the bar to produce the required sample. An additional sample marked umpire will be also produced at the same time and kept in case the lab analysis received is outside the splitting limits.

A Faster Process:

Turn around time is the same day as the material is received, or the next day for small shipments of readily melt-able scrap metals.  Large shipped lots may require more time.

Upon receipt, prior to opening, the shipped packages will be first weighed then opened and the contents will be re-weighed. If there is a discrepancy between our weigh and yours, we will contact you before further processing.  Upon weight confirmation, your material will be then melted into a bullion bar and assayed to determine the metal content.  On completion, we will return a cheque or credit your account for the value of the precious metals in your bars.  We can also return the refined precious metals in commercial bullions for a modest charge.

A Fast Process:
Turnaround time of up to 72 hrs for sweeps and particularly big melt-able refining lots.  Big ,readily melt-able refining lots will be handled in a way similar to the process described above.  Each lot received is completely isolated from start to finish and is not mixed with other lots.

Sweeps are first weighed then burned and milled into fine powder and assayed.  We then settle with you for the value of the the precious metals in your lot by returning pure precious metals, cheque, or bank wire.  We are open to discuss your needs should other arrangements are required.

We specializes in processing polishings, floor sweeps, filings, grindings, sink sludges, bench sweeps and solutions bearing gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We can proudly say that throughout the years we have refined our refining processes to a degree which enables us to recover the highest possible yields from these materials.

We recover diamonds and stones from your jewelry:
We treat precious metal jewellery containing diamonds and stones by separating them from the metal using a unique wet chemical processes that doesn't harm the diamonds or stones. We return all your stones in a form ready to be set, keeping the integrity and color of the stones intact.



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