CNC Gold Refining Inc.
1470 Centre Street, Unit #3
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3N1

Toll: (877) 522-7404
Tel: (905) 709-GOLD


At CNC Gold Refining Inc. you will not get lured in with impossibly low and too good to be true refining rates that some other refiners usually promise.  We try to keep rates simple and realistic even for a laymen to comprehend.  Most refiners charge refining fees, assay fees, treatment charges, and handling charges in addition to accountabilities. 

CNC Gold Refining Inc. has no fees or charges and pays a high percentage of the value of the precious metals up to 98% based on the market prices at the time your lot was completed.  Our turn around time is usually from 10 minutes to 72hrs.

There are never any minimum lot charges and you can feel free to send as little as you wish.  The following charges are for general guidance purposes, and further modifications to these charges can be made depending upon the quantities, qualities and complexities of the materials to be shipped.  Please Contact Us for better prices .

High Grade Jewelry or Dental Karat Gold Scrap

Filings, grindings, sprues, castings, gates, bridges,
crown caps, old and broken jewellery

98% Of
Assayed Content


High Grade Silver Scrap over 80%

Sterling scrap, filing grindings, electrolytic flakes,
coins, spray booth scrapings

90% Of
Assayed Content


High Grade Platinum Group Metal Scrap

Jewellery scrap, filings, grindings, casting gates, dishes,
thermocouple, wires laboratories crucibles, dental scrap

90% Of
Assayed Content


Low Grade Jewelry or Dental Scrap

Polishings, floor sweeps, buffing dust, filters, emery papers,
vacuum bags, grinding wheels, sink sludge, carpets, crucibles

90% Of
Assayed Content

We treat gold jewellery containing diamonds and stones by separating them from the metal using unique wet chemical processes that doesn't harm the diamonds or stones.  We return all your stones in a form ready to be set, keeping the integrity and color of the stones intact.



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