CNC Gold Refining Inc.
1470 Centre Street, Unit #3
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3N1

Toll: (877) 522-7404
Tel: (905) 709-GOLD



Are you satisfied with the long drawn settlement dates established by your existing refiner?
Are you satisfied with the mysterious shrinkage of gold weight you mailed to them?

Are you satisfied with the high price you pay to buy your karat milled products in exchange for the gold recovered from your lot?

If you are not satisfied with your existing refiner then it is
time to act quickly and consider choosing an alternative .

We offer the following:

Customers have full control over the processing of their refining lots.

Immediate service and full payment for all high grade, readily melt-able scrap measured in minutes. Low grade material such as polishings and floor sweeps may take up to 72hrs.
We keep it simple.
Full guarantee to return your scrap immediately if you are not completely satisfied.
No minimum lot size.  No minimum charges.  No hidden charges.

State of the art assaying technology allowing us to recover the maximum amount of precious metals from your scrap at a minimal cost.
Personalized services, tailored settlements and advances.
Technical expertise you can only expect from CNC Gold Refining Inc.
Discounted shipping.

We proud to say that an initial job with us usually results in long business association.  Call us before you refine or sell your scrap and verify for yourself our commitment to excellence, integrity and fairness, all at fair and reasonable prices.  See why CNC Gold Refining Inc. has earned its unparalleled reputation.


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